1968 Mustang High Performance Muscle Car

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This video features the 1968 Mustang High Performance Muscle Car Video.

11 thoughts on “1968 Mustang High Performance Muscle Car

  1. Signaigo52619 on

    I love the paint job and the color, Acapulco blue. Beautiful muscle car. Perfect cars for youngsters or those who occasionally drive on the freeway.

  2. This 1968 mustang is very classic! I have been trying to find a good condition 68 mustang to retore it and it is almost impossible to find one at a low price.

  3. Bies976 on

    Special mention on the GT badge. I am enjoying the sight of silver alloys, they were placed in the right points of the car. The interior is neat and beautiful.

  4. This is probably one of the all time very best luxury vintage automobiles. 40 years later this car has retained its original popularity and sparked the creations of numerous models based on the 1968 Mustang. It also helps that the car has been Featured in so many movies. I think we can all recall gone in 60 seconds. Anyways, it is truly a beautiful car.

  5. Cheryl Arredla on

    I am impressed with the work on the dashboard. They were able to maintain the shape and form as the original. The gauge is impressive too.

  6. Are these hydrogen cars widely available on the market? Or are they still in the concept phase. I bet the gas and oil companies are delaying the release of these cars. Which is a shame, because they care more about money than the environment.

  7. Liesveld37174 on

    This car fits me. I am a construction manager and I would love to be seen by my colleagues driving this impressive and muscle car.

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  9. This is really great video about 1968 mustang high performance muscle car. I am going to recommend this video to all my friends. It seems very helpfull to se performance of mustang.

  10. Hey this video is great – it is always a please to see classic cars that are still in great condition and well looked after. It shows they have been looked after and appreciated by their owners – new and previous.