A Great Birthday Surprise

Categories Automotive

My son Matt was turning 16 in a few months, and was begging me for a car. My son was very responsible, and I knew I could trust him to take car of the car. I went over to see my favorite car dealer James, and asked if he had anything my son would like. James had a son that was the same age as Matt. The two boys grew up together, and still hung out with each other to this day. James showed me a car that caught Matt’s eye the other day. I looked the car over, and decided I would buy it for him. I wanted the car to be a surprise, and I needed a place to keep it. I went online and searched for car storage san francisco. We did not have a garage at our house, and car storage unit would be the best way to go. I found a car storage unit that was perfect. The place was very secure, and the staff was helpful. On Matt’s birthday I drove him to the car storage San Francisco and gave him the key. He was so surprised, and loved the car.

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