I was asked “What would make my house eye catching?” I replyed “Timber Cladding Wall”.

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   I had a friend ask me if I knew of a wall panel of exceptional beauty, with equally good functional ability. So I naturally told him about my favorite wood paneling for not only interior walls, but ceilings too. Offering acoustical wall panels of the same beauty as regular wall panels. It is timber cladding wall panels, also offered as external timber cladding . The timber cladding wall can be installed over insulation specially designed for this use. I am afraid I raved on and on about the beauty and functionality of this product. Even stressing that it is produced from a renewable resource, both hardwood and softwood trees. It is produced in such a manner to allow it to form around curves smoothly. This paneling product produces buildings of superior beauty both inside and out, and is designed in such a way that it may be maintained with minimal effort and expense. Produced by a secret process, from several different wood types, it can be found in any hue to enhance your building project, from just a nice looking building, into a work of art. I told him if he placed timber cladding on the building he is planning for the top of the hill overlooking the town, people would always be admiring its beauty, and be drawn to his functions because of this effect. He may have thought me quite mad, I went on and on about it for such a long time.

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