Kefalonia’s Colourful and Eventful History

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Kefalonia first grew to become well known when linked with Athens and also a mythological being known as Cephalus, thought to have aided Amphitryon of Mycenae from the war versus Taphians as well as Teleboans. Why is it significant? The Taphians had been thought to be connected with Perseus, as well as Teleboans an old Acarnanian tribe. Cephalus, which name signifies ‘’head’’ might have been associated with Homeric legends, as well as the home of Odysseus.

Many think that Kefalonia is likewise related to deity referred to as ‘’Britomartis’’ regarded for hunting as well as mountains, also called the ‘’mountain nymph’’ that can change invisible.

There are lots of significant archaeological discovers in Kefalonia, like the uncovering of the Mycenaean Tholos burial place, and also a Roman grave yard complex which could be looked at. Amongst these included 5 burial sites with plenty of precious metal earrings, gold leaves, rings along with other ceremonial things that in some way are not taken by grave thieves during the second century B.C. Kefalonia is another site for monastic influence and has long become the heart of Byzantine attention.

It wasn’t until mid-1800s which Kefalonia has become a complete member of Greece. In the course of the Second World War Axis forces arrived to in Kefalonia, along together with Italian armies occupying the tiny island. At some point however German armies took power over the region executing more than 5000 Italian troops and also remaining till the war ended. Peace didn’t return till almost 1950. If you want to learn all the history of Kefalonia with a personal visit then go to and check out some of the finest available accommodation in the area where you can begin your adventure.

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