Residential electrical work

Residential electrical work differs greatly from commercial electrical work. An electrician like electricians in Cardiff may specialize in one area or all areas. Many local governments mandate that businesses must hire a licensed electrician like Local Electrical Contractors in Cardiff when doing any electrical work in commercial buildings, especially those used by the public.Commercial buildings, including industrial buildings, have different rules, regulations and codes that a business must comply with. If you make the mistake of hiring an electrician like Cardiff electrical contractors who specializes in just residential electrical work or is not familiar with all the various codes and regulations, then you could be facing huge liability issues if someone gets hurt.An electrician working on a commercial or industrial building must be able to correctly size loads. Electrical systems can easily be overloaded in buildings if the all the components are not properly wired for use.Fire safety is an important component of the electrical system in commercial or industrial buildings. Smoke detectors must be hardwired into a power source. The detectors must also have a battery back-up in case something happens to the power source. Fire alarms also must have the correct wiring in case a fire does occur.Back-up and emergency lighting is something many commercial and industrial buildings are required to have. There are different types of electrical lights as well as different types of power sources, such generators, to power important equipment if the power does go out. The back-up lighting systems must be properly installed and maintained to ensure they work if an emergency does occur.

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