The Modern Bidet

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The bidet market has grown over the years and provided people worldwide with many different types of bidets. The competition has grown and now the bidet market has really taken off. There are many types of bidets like toilet seat attachments, electric bidets, hot water bidets, even small hand held bidets. While there are more options, the customers needs changed as well. Ever since it became available, people who live in cold places tend to get the hot water bidet or the electric bidet. Electric bidets have fancy features like seat warmer and temperature control which really comes in handy in cold places. Another great feature of the new modern bidets is the self clean option. With just a press of a button, the user can turn on powerful water pressure which shoots on the nozzle and self cleans, making the bidet maintenance free. The new modern bidets offer the great cleaning power of hot water, and makes going to the restroom a pleasure.

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